Jennifer Aaker

General Atlantic Professor

Jennifer is a behavioral scientist and leading expert on what creates meaning vs happiness in life, how to use time in unconventional ways, and how to infuse more purpose at work. Her work has been widely published in scientific journals and featured in The Economist, NYT, WSJ, The Atlantic, and Science. A recipient of the Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award and the MBA Professor of the Year, Aaker counts winning a dance-off in the early 1980s among her greatest feats.

Szu-chi Huang

Associate Professor of Marketing

Szu-chi Huang’s research focuses on motivation science, specifically the temporal and social dynamics of goal pursuit. Huang uses experiments to tightly examine causal processes, and field studies to test these findings in the real world, such as launching loyalty programs with companies and conducting intervention campaigns with nonprofit organizations like UNICEF. Her recent projects examine consumer motivation in social settings, such as shared goal-pursuit platforms (e.g., Weight Watchers, Fitbit) and pro-social behaviors (e.g., motivation behind donations). Her recent work also explores topics related to machines and service robots, spending and investing, and creativity.

Keala Alvarez

(Chief Steward)